Tuesday, January 4, 2011

25% of people now meet their lovers online.

So, you will recall that I realized, with the help of some not-so-subtle commentary from family, that I needed to get on the whole "finding a husband and having at least 3 babies" thing.

As I began to formulate my master plan - call it serendipity or call it an obvious effect of my television dependency - I saw a commercial for match.com. The message seemed to be, "A LOT of people meet their lovers on the internet now. It's not weird. Plus, even if it is kind of weird, you're watching Bravo at 11 PM on a Friday night. Clearly you're too desperate to be worried about how socially acceptable it is. So just get your ass on our website, now." 

Maybe I'm reading into it too much.

But, regardless of the message I got from it, the advertising department at match.com deserves a raise or at least hookers on the boss, because I signed up. Promptly.

And then I left it at that because the cheap wine had gotten to me, and it was time to pass out.

At brunch the next day, I sheepishly shared my newest dating news with my home gals. One of them kind of laughed awkwardly, because that's what she does, one of them clearly did not know what to say and mumbled something about "not knowing those were for people our age," and another reassured me that "online dating is no longer taboo."

So there's that.

I feel as though you guys - people in internet land - probably think match.com is pretty normal, yes? But for a 24 year old? 

What do you guys think? Is match.com an acceptable master plan to find The Future Mr. Smooches? As for me, I am not sure, so I am now off to ponder and search for that match.com commercial to assure me once again that it's not weird...


  1. I'm 25 and have been told by a few people in the sapce of 2 weeks that I should give online dating a go and it's, as your friend put it, 'not taboo' these days. I have still yet to join one and claimed that I would be fine but maybe there is something in it?

  2. Hey Missy! With respect to online dating, sadly I have not been lucky so far... but I do have hope that my luck will change. I definitely think it's worth a try - why not, right?