Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Message From SteeringWheel: Another One Bites The Dust

Subject: Hello
I really like your profile. I have a feeling that we might get along rather well. You seem both kind and genuine and I find both to be attractive qualities. Also someone who is down to earth is a rare thing these days. Im hoping that after you check out my page you think im worth getting to know as well. Looking forward to your reply.

- - - -

Subject: Dear Car Wheel,
Hello SteeringWheel. I hope I can call you by your nickname since you did not mention your actual name in your profile or email.

Anyway, SteeringWheel – here’s the thing: you freak me out a bit. In your profile, every section has an answer, but then you seem to have included 5 – 6 alternative answers, preceded by dates. 

I understand how exciting it must be to come up with more than one answer, and that you want to commemorate the special occasion with a date, but I actually don’t need to read six paragraphs in response to a question that is ultimately meaningless anyway. 

Maybe going forward, when inspiration strikes, you can just go ahead and delete your previous answer – thereby avoiding freaking out ladies who worry about how much time you have on your hands and/or if you are incapable of coming to this conclusion on your own (which is also concerning).

I have confidence that this small step will make a big difference in improving your chances of finding a lady – but equal confidence in the fact that this lady is not me. Best wishes, SteeringWheel.

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