Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Message: No. Just No.

Subject: and then I said “what”
and you said?
- - - -
Subject: No.
Hello Dan! Since I already fully responded to you in the subject line, I was going to leave this blank, but I decided that your thoughtful message deserved a reason: Why, exactly, am I saying no to all that you have to offer?
Naturally, after reading your well-crafted greeting, I went to your profile to see what you have to offer – and – what a surprise – it is empty. Are you a real person or just an empty vessel?
There isn’t much more to say, Dan. I like interesting people, and to be interesting, you need to have something to say, which you clearly don’t. Maybe you could consider dating someone who speaks no English so that your lack of communication isn’t an issue? I mean, I’ve got nothing here. Please refer to subject line.

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